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Improves communication and
Improves patient safety
CATHBANDS, LLC was founded by Vincent D. Tessitore.  Mr. Tessitore has been working in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years. His main focus has been in Radiology with a background in Interventional Special Procedures. Currently, Mr. Tessitore is certified in PICC line and Midline insertions and continues to practice as an I.V. Clinician at a small community hospital in the state of Rhode Island.
The core business specializes in the identification of central venous catheters (CVC), specifically PICC lines and Midlines. The identification of PICC lines and Midlines began as a patient care initiative. A new product began to develop after encountering many patients with CVCs inserted without proper progress notes for documentation.
The development of the CATHBAND™ provides the proper documentation relating to the PICC line
or Midline on the patient’s wrist. The CATHBAND™ provides many benefits to the patient and medical professionals from a risk management and patient safety standpoint.